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"Eunmi Park is a South Korean pianist.

After winning several national competitions during her childhood, she enrolled at Busan High School of Arts in 2009, where she studied piano with Yoon Soo In.

Later, she moved on to Inje University under the guidance of Master Kwon Jun."

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"During her bachelor's degree, she distinguished herself by performing in various concerts and winning scholarships for artistic merit, both at the time of admission and upon completion of the studies.

In Italy, she obtained her Master's Degree studying with Marco Rapattoni at the 'G. Verdi' Conservatory in Milan.

Simultaneously, she also studied with Roberto Plano at the Pinerolo Academy.

Following that, she honed her skills in fortepiano with Gianmaria Bonino and modern piano with Francesco Bergamasco at the 'A. Vivaldi' Conservatory in Alessandria.

Later, she studied privately in Germany with Jacques Ammon and in Sweden with Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist and she further specialized in chamber music with André Gallo at the Philharmonic Academy of Bologna.

She attended Masterclasses with Stanislav Igolinsky, Bart van Oort and Olaf John Laneri."


"Appreciated as a soloist and chamber musician, she has performed at numerous festivals, showcasing her skills also as a fortepianist.

For instance, she played at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of The Hague during the Ton Koopman Academy in 2021.

She also collaborates regularly in a piano duo with Umberto Ruboni, with whom she often performs both four-handed and on two pianos. They engage in a Lisztian memory project aiming to bring the grand symphonic repertoire even to the most remote places through authentic piano transcriptions.

Additionally, she had the honor of performing with the great flutists Tom Ottar Andreassen, Sarah Rumer, and Juliette Hurel."

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"Endowed with excellent sight-reading skills and given her experience as a chamber musician, Eunmi is often invited as a collaborative pianist and assistant to classes led by internationally renowned teachers at various festivals and academies.

Among the distinguished names with whom she has worked are U. Hoffman, M. Ronchini, S. Parrino, V. Prats, S. Louvion, R. Urso, H. Clark, M. Piccinini, F. Di Casola, and Peter-Lukas Graf.

Since October 2023, she has been working as a piano accompanist for the Milan Conservatory."


"Very fond of teaching young students, Eun Mi started teaching piano in Korea when she was 20.

After coming to Italy, she worked as a piano professor in private music schools, including the Associazione Musicale Aurora music school.

Since 2022, she has been invited to teach piano solo and Chamber Music for several masterclasses, such as the Workshop dell'Oltregiogo (in Tortona, Cassano Spinola, Novi Ligure), Pianitalia Festival 2023 (in Milan), and Le Altre Note masterclasses (in Valtellina).

Furthermore, she has served as a jury member for the Pianitalia Festival 2023 and the Northern Light Piano Competition 2023."

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